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Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquid (E-juice)

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Start to Know Electronic Cigarette and E-liquid


1. Wikipedia: Electronic Cigarette or e-cigarette, electronic vaping device is a battery-powered device which simulates tobacco smoking uses a heating element which vaporizes a liquid solution with or without nicotine.

2. History of E-cigarette: The modern e-cigarette was evented by Chinese in 2005 and was fast developed into third generation now while the cartridge was oboseleted. Over 90% of the products in the world market are made in China. Read more...

3. Construction: E-cigarette consists of a lithium battery, adaptor/base and atomizer. In the new generation electronic cigarettes, more parts can be disessambled for the replacement purpose, especially those in the atomizers. Read more...

4. Mechanism: Atomization is a physical procedure which e-cigarette works. E-liquid flows through the wick into the coils made of heating resistance wire which heats the lquid into vapor while connected to power supplied by the li-ion battery. Read more...

5. Instruction: Quickly press the battery button 5 times within 2 seconds to switch on/off. Press and hold the switch button while inhaling gently for 2 or 3 seconds before release. Frequency of inhale should be limited to avoid the overheat or shortage of the e-liquid in the coil inflowing through the wick. Read more...

6. Advantages: Electronic cigarettes are confirmed to be least harmful than tobacco cigarettes. There is no tar, no burning. E-liquid does not contain 460 harmful chemicals as burning tabacco which cause cancers, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Read more...

7. Cautions: Nicotine is additive and non-nicotine e-liquid is avaible. E-cigarettes are not recommended for non-somkers. Few people may allergic to the chemicals of the liquid. Smokers who have allergic bodies or diseases must consult their physicians before using e-cigarettes. Underage sales are prohibited. Read more...

8. Approvals: All our products including our e-liquid were made by selective quality manufacturers and approved or certified by official institutes as CE, ROHS, FOA, FCC, or SGS for safety and standards. Read more...

E-liquid (E-juice)

1. Wikipedia: E-liquid or e-juice which produces vapor in electronic cigarettes, is a solution of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and/or polyethylene glycol 400 (PEG400) mixed with concentrated flavors; and optionally, a variable concentration of nicotine or nicotine-free.

2. Ingredients: Our Wuzland e-liquid consists of propylene glycol, glycerol, botanic extratives, tobacco extratives, edible fragrance and nicotine or no nicotine. The purity of PG and VG reaches 99.5% and 99% respectively. Other additives are all natural extractives. Read more...

3. Advantages: Compared with tobacco, all the compouds of e-liquid are harmless to human body. There is no chemistry reactions in e-liquid during atomization. Read more...

Techinical Support



It's very important to clean the liquid condensed from evaperation in battery joint, adaptor, atomizer tubes and mouthpiece, which could cause the blockage and taste changed. Cotton buts or rolled soft tissue can be used for cleaning.


Switch off the battery while kept in the pocket or hand bag in case the switch button is pressed by other goods accidently. It is recommended to have the battery to be lower or discharged before new charging. To store the battery if not smoking for a long time, fully charge the battery and switch off. This can prolong the life of battery.


E-liquid must be kept at room tempreture, in dark or shady and cool place, under ventilated and dry condition. The bottle should be kept in the box and closed tightly while using, especially to the light smokers.

Repairs and Upgrades

In our products, the batteries and atomizers of most models can be matched for assembling. New parts are available for replacing the failure ones and upgrading. This does decrease the cost of smoking e-cigarettes and improve the after-sale services.


Wuzland Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquid

In 2013, Afrasian Business started to introduce electronic cigarettes to South African and now has its own brand, Wuzland, of which products are made of selective manufacturers and approved by CE, RoSH, FCC or SGS, the international recognized QC institues. All our products are sold with warranty.

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