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Since 1996, Afrasian Business has been marketing its products by retail, wholesale and distribution in South Africa. The products included clothing, footwear, hardware, electronics, and Chinese medicine OTCs, etc. We know the South African market, we have experiences and our own marketing stratages for any kinds of products, and we have confidence to do the work.

Now Afrasian Business becomes the agent of PRIMUS® manhole covers manufactured and supplied by Primus Trading (Pty) Ltd in South Africa and Africa continent. Pneumatic Pen Grinders and Solar Power Kits are our new products promoted in the market. Difference with our traditional products such as clothing and footwear, these are more professional and higher technological products which we are interesting in and concentrate on now. To market these new products, it is a challenge, but also a opportunity.

Nowedays Afrasian Business has to change the marketing stratages to follow up the fast growing online business worldwide. This website will be change into a online marketing and shopping place in the near future, that is, UPUS, Allways Online Shopping !

Afrasian Business is still looking for the suppliers and buyers to build up the long-term co-operation or partnership in businesses.

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